Pergamon Museum – The Place Where Ancient Architecture Comes to Life

No other museum presents ancient monumental architecture as impressive as the Pergamon Museum. The buildings, reconstructed almost in their original size, invariably fascinate every visitor giving the impression of being right in the heart of old metropolises.

Masterpieces of a Building from the Middle East, the Ancient and Islamic World

ARIADNE’s scientists will introduce you to the cultural history of Mesopotamia and they will show you Roman architecture as well as artworks of the Islamic world. On your tour, you will also learn how the cultures and religions of that time are related.

In the Vorderasiatisches Museum (Museum of the Ancient Near East), ARIADNE will show you the influences of ancient major powers by means of important buildings and excavations of the ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Hittites. In the Collection of Classical Antiquities, ARIADNE will provide you with in-depth insights into everyday life and culture of past civilizations. While listening to the expert statements, you will walk through the Market Gate of Miletus as once the ancient Romans and Greeks used to do, and experience the temples of Pergamon and Baalbek. In the Museum of Islamic Art, ARIADNE will bring you closer to the world of the Orient - from the first Islamic caliphate under the Umayyads’ rule to the present day. ARIADNE will help you to understand Arab culture by means of art and architecture. In addition to ivory carvings, ceramics and Arabian carpets, parts of the imaginatively designed Palace Facade of Qasr Mshatta, the paneling of the Aleppo room or the Ceiling from the Alhambra in Granada are all part of the splendid pieces of this collection.



Berlin's Most Important Architectural Collection in the Pergamon Museum

With ARIADNE you don’t need to queue up for a long time: Book your exclusive guided tour through the world famous Pergamon Museum now and we will organize a tour according to your wishes and interests.

Please note: For almost 100 years, the Pergamon Altar has been attracting culture lovers from all over the world. In order to enable future generations to enjoy this masterpiece as well, it is currently being extensively renovated. Until 2023, it will therefore be impossible to visit the Pergamon Altar.

Price for the guided tour:
From 180,00 €, max. 20 people

Entrance fee:
12,00 €, reduced price 6,00 €
Children up to 18 years of age free entry

Opening hours:
Mon to Sun from 10 am to 6 pm
Thurs from 10 am to 8 pm

German, English, Spanish


SERVICE HOTLINE: +49 (0)179 15 13 220 (Mon to Sat from 9 am to 7 pm)


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