My parents-in-law as well as my husband and my brother-in-law are still absolutely impressed [...] It was a great and unforgettable museum experience.

For the first time, I understood correctly what Egyptian culture, art, and way of life was and still is, and what significance it has for mankind.
Dr. Wolfgang Otto

through numerous stories, mrs. blumenthal made life in ancient egypt imaginable for us. i am already looking forward to another tour with ARIADNE.
edith muráth


His [Marc Loth's] descriptions were wonderful atmospheric miniatures. An unforgettable day where we could experience, understand and feel history.



We had the pleasure of being guided by Mrs. Gander through the museums on Berlin’s Museum Island.
Mr. Schünemann

For me, as an organizer of study trips, it is a stroke of luck to have an excellent cultural agent like
Manuela Gander at my disposal
Engel Paduch (Study Trips)


It was a great tour!!!!!!!!!!!
My guests and I were very enthusiastic about the excellent lecture, which would not have been possible without the very well-founded global knowledge.
Thomas M. Pohlig

Everything was great: highly interesting for newcomers, refreshing for lovers, with in-depth
competence at a pleasant level
Andreas Otto



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