Altes Museum: Museuminsel’s Origin

Altes Museum stands out due to its excellent location: opposite the former Berlin Palace, it is flanked by the Zeughaus (old Arsenal) in the west as well as Berliner Dom (the Berlin Cathedral) in the east. The view from the Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden) to the classicist building is among the most beautiful in the city. Inside the museum, the visitors enter a domed rotunda, modelled on the Roman Pantheon and thereby consecrated to all the gods. As a visitor of Altes Museum, you will experience one of the most important collections of Greek, Roman and Etruscan art with ARIADNE. Explore the origins of Berlin's Museum Island with ARIADNE and embark on an exciting journey into the ancient world.

Collection of Classical Antiquities: A Museum for the People

In addition to exhibiting projects, ARIADNE would like to familiarize you with the history of the museum. With Altes Museum, not only the first cultural site of Museuminsel was opened but also one of the first state museums in the world. In the age of Enlightenment, Wilhelm von Humboldt held that everyone should have the right to education and development by studying works of art. Together with Karl Friedrich Schinkel, he planned a public exhibition construction, which was to shape the global museums until today. 



Exclusive educational programme with ARIADNE

The chronologically and thematically arranged tour shows antique sculptures, tomb inventories, ceramics as well as drinking vessels of the Athenian elite society. The bronze statue of the Praying Boy (Betender Knabe) as well as the busts of the doubtless most famous lovers in history – Caesar and Cleopatra – are the highlights of the Collection of Classical Antiquities.

With ARIADNE, you will get in-depth insights into the culture and everyday life of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Etruscans. You will also learn about how the Altes Museum has shaped the history of public museums since the 19th century.

Whether for groups or individuals – we will plan your very personal cultural programme for you.

Opening hours:
Tue to Sun from 10 am to 6 pm
Thurs from 10 am to 8 pm

German, English

Price for the guided tour:
From 180,00 €, max. 20 people

Entrance fee:
10,00 €, reduced price 5,00 €
Children up to 18 years of age free entry


SERVICE HOTLINE: +49 (0)179 15 13 220 (Mon to Sat from 9 am to 7 pm)


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