Treasures from Asia's Bronze Age - the Kingdom of Margiana

Shortly after Egypt's pyramids had been built and long before the famous Silk Road, the mysterious kingdom of Margiana flourished deep in Asia's steppes. Its most beautiful legacies are now being shown to the public outside of Turkmenistan for the first time. With ARIADNE, you will get an insight of a special kind.

In the southeast of the Caspian Sea, on the territory of today's Turkmenistan lies the ancient metropolis Gonur Depe. The city with an area of about 28 hectares had an impressive palace area, residential and artisans district, and an all-encompassing city wall. The exhibition at the New Museum shows not only various everyday objects, but also spectacular individual finds from graves: silver ornamental pins and copper ceremonial axes. Jewellery made of lapis lazuli, trophies made of stone and even the reconstruction of a whole princely tomb and its chariot burial await the visitor.

Within a professional tour given by an experienced prehistorian, ARIADNE will guide you through the exhibition of this high culture, which is still almost unknown in Europe. Be one of the first to report on this fascinating civilization

Opening hours:
Mon to Sun from 10 am to 6 pm
Thurs from 10 am to 8 pm

German, English

Price for guided tour: 
From 180,00 €, max. 20 people

Entrance fee: 
12,00 €, reduced price 7,00 € 
Children up to 18 years of age free entry


SERVICE HOTLINE: +49 (0)179 15 13 220 (Mo bis Sa von 9 bis 19 Uhr)


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