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In Altes Museum on Berlin’s Museuminsel you can find one of the most important Collections of Classical Antiquities in the world. Among the most interesting creations of Greek artistic works are antique vessels such as drinking bowls, vessels for mixing wine and amphorae with partially salacious paintings. The pictures tell of powerful gods, mystical sagas and fights, or show scenes from the everyday life of the ancient Greeks. Besides pure enjoyment, wine also played an important social role in ancient Greece. Thus, it was customary for society to meet for a symposium (drinking orgy) after a banquet.

Enjoy an original cultural programme AND a culinary excursion to the wine shop »Plonskys Weinrausch« in the district of Charlottenburg with ARIADNE. On a fizzy tour through Altes Museum, you will first learn about the drinking culture and art of the ancient Greeks. After the journey through ancient Greece, you will end the evening with a tasting of excellent wines and stimulating conversations. As desired, you can combine the enjoyment of wine with a dinner.

Are you looking for an extraordinary gift or an exciting programme for your next company event? ARIADNE will provide for an unforgettable experience. We will be glad to discuss your plans personally.

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